extra foam?

I had a board delam. So I plan on stripping the glass off the rest of the board, cleaning it up, and reglassing it.

The problem is that the nose and part of the tail had broke earlier, which had been repaired.

My question is: what kind of foam can i use to add to the nose and tail before i reglass? ? since the tail and nose are mostly resin and will be taken off with the rest of the glass.

I have no left-over blocks of foam either. that’s why i ask. Maybe some shit from home depot? the repairs are no larger than a fist.


HI FlatSpell, maybe spray PU foam from Home Depot and paint white. Or reshape the nose and tail. Where are you located? I have a lot of PU foam left over from a sailboard blank.(Ask and yea shall receive)


that’s what i was thinking…the spray foam works alright? obviosly i would test a piece first but i figured i 'ld ask before i try…anyone use this stuff before? i didnt see anything archived…


I’ve used that expanding foam before, it has a hard crust when it sets, but when you sand it down to shape, its really quite soft on the inside. Still worked ok, but maybe use a bit heavier glass than you would for a normal repair?