" Eye of the dog"

Aloha Kokua!!! Good luck with your eye operation! Sounds like a scary situation, but I’m sure everything will come out o-k. Let me know if you need anything from down east-side. Aloha brother…RH

Howzit Rick, Thanks for the note of confidence, I’ve talked with quite q few people who have had this operation and they all say they are better off now. Sheila Kuntz was telling me her dad Mike had it a few years back and he is so glad he did it. The other thing is it’s a 99% success rate so this is one time I don’t want to be a 1 percenter. The one thing I didn’t know is they asked me where I wanted my best vision to be since the lens does not adjust like the ones we are born with. So I told him I wanted my best vision to be from 2’ to 8’ And he said no problem. This should be the best distance for working on boards. Was doing some pinline work and laying down the first tape off was no problem but when I was doing the second tape of it was hard to see how wide the gap between the 2 tape was. Also taping off a 3 stringer I really had a hard time taping off the outer 1/8" stringers since they were the same color as the tape. Actually the pins came out pretty good for a blind guy. After rubbing out this last board today the shop will be closed for a few weeks so it’s shop cleaning time. If I need anything from your side I’ll call you, and thanks for the offer. BASA called the other night to see how I was doing and told him The operation is Tuesday(tomorrow), so call me in a few days. I think that concussion he got sorta scrambled his brain but he’s getting better, must be he hit me up for some glass the other day, so he’s back in the shop.Aloha Bro, Wildog

Hey Mike -

Good luck with that! I guess you just couldn’t see going to work next week anyway?

Howzit John, Actually I will not be working for at least 2 weeks since they told me I can’t do anything that might strain myself. The real problem is when I asked them when I could sand again and they couldn’t answer. I need to find out more about the after effects. It’s definitly affecting my work, just finished rubbing out the last board and when it was done I could see a couple of flaws that I couldn’t see when I sanded the board, but sometimes I’m to critical of my work and others don’t see anything wrong. In a couple of days I’ll post a pic of the board.Aloha,Kokua

see you on the other side, dog.

campfire’s always warm here.

wow all the best with that Mike !

I hope it all goes really well for you !


Hey Kokua,

I’ve had 2 corneal grafts, a lens implant is so much easier for the surgeons to do. Good luck and don’t rub your eyes, if they get sore go straight back to the docs, that’s really important, you only really get one shot at it.

Take care, we’re all thinking about you.

G :-))

Good luck brah…and hoping for a speedy recovery.



Malama and Best Wishes for speedy recovery Kokua…

It’s all about time.

did you ask about getting that 3rd eye put in?

I hear it’s the path to true enlightenment according to the swami’s on the hill down the street in Kauai…

Just kidding,

they’re nice folk…

See if they can do that special x-ray vision so you can see through girls clothing, just like in the back of the old comic books. Or maybe they can give you goggle vision so you can see really clear underwater?

Good luck, nothing better than rest to heal the body. Work & waves will always be there.


eyes open the world

waxes sharp and clear again

hopeful blue dawning

“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world…”

Good luck Mike, happy healing!

Howzit Keith, Got back about 2 hours ago and don’t feel any pain or irritation and the doc said everything went great. Even the nurses said I will be really happy with the results. I am supposed to rest today and go back tomorrow to have the patch removed and the doc said I may be back in the shop in 10 -14 days. I want to thank you guys for the concern. In the last 20 minutes or so I’ve noticed I’m seeing some far out designs in the eye under the patch as the local wears off, hope I can remember what they look like so I can use them on a board. Aloha,Kokua

Great, glad to hear it went well. Can’t wait to see those graphics!!



Howzit Keith, Just got back from the doctor and after they took the patch off they gave me an eye test and they couldn’t believe my eye sifgt is already back to 20/20 and healing really fast ( I’m a fst healer to start with) and the doctor even took some of the drops they wanted me to use and said they would slow down the healing process and I don’t need them. In fact I see colors brighter than before in the fixed eye and the doc said that’s because I have a small cataract in the other eye which makes things look kind of yellow but also not to worry unless it gets worse. It’s a bright new world now. Now I know why designs I printed always seemed brighter than what I was seeing on the screen. Got to wait 2-4 weeks before starting up the shop again since I’m not taking any chances of screwing tings up.Aloha,Kokua

Alright Wildog!!!.. Recovery road is a lot easier to deal with when you can see it! Seems like you were a better speller before though! Aloha…RH

Howzit Rick, I think you’re right about that, lately I’ve been hitting some of the wrong keys. I usually try to proof read posts first before hitting the post reply button but some times I forget, must be oldtimers setting in.Aloha,Wildog