Eyeballing game

I saw this on the erBB and thought I’d share it with you guys.  Post up your scores.  I’m a 2.74.  Not that great, but I did get a few 0’s.


The eyeballing game




ill try harder next time haha


Pity it doesn't check time taken, persons age, glasses, etc.

Fun test.

First go came in at 7.5 then I really concentrated and slowed down and managed a 2.64 :slight_smile:


My monitor has a curved screen - that’s my excuse and I’m stickin to it.

225.80  .....   If I can't be in the top 10 at least I did good in  "the worst scores ever".

show me what you got in blowing it up......

next time I'll do even worse, I promise.

I've made a nice 9.8 accuracy!


Very cool link Jeff!

nice. 4.1 for me first time up was trying to watch the cricket and tennis at the same time will try with out the distractions

good work Jeff

any guess at what the wood ogre will get i say 1.89 he is pretty good at eye balling the timber don’t tell him that though.

3.03… with one eye shut!

508.67 with my pants down  :)

2.41 ;)

2.21... Did anyone else get progressively worse the farther along you went?

2.31… Get’s kinda tedious after a while.