EZ Shaping Racks Recommend???

I feel like I find myself saying this often…

damnit, bud.

This set cost me $24 and a couple of hours to build.  They will do anything a backyarder needs.  Rock solid.  Come apart in seconds.  Built in heavy 3/4" MDF and coated with left over epoxy.  I have a separate set of cross members for working on longboards.


Bud, thanks for posting your glassing conversion! I just went to Lowe's for PVC!


You just clarified your status as a shaper-------------    "Hobbyist".


Hey Bud.

Could you let me know the dimensions of the top section of your shaping rack?

Gap width, Gap Depth, and platform widths?

Would be super helpful





ditto... i'm thinking about building some for myself

hmmm parrallel thread with some good info:


i'd still like the dims on the FoamEZ racks if anyone can do that for me.

thanks in advance

To reply to myself…Yes the FoamEz rack is well worth it if you have the cash. Should have bought it a long time ago.

After you and I last talked I bought a hammer drill and bolted mine to the concrete floor and… WOW!  Yeah, it’s a world of difference from wood racks in a bucket of cement.  Adjustibility and sturdiness beyond what I could do with wood.  The quality of the coating is not exactly what I expected and there was a minor shipping issue, but Foam-Ez totally made good with me, so I’m happy to say I’m satified and yes they were worth it.

With all the affirmation I am hearing here;  I can assume that the "bullshit" remarks will remain in the minority?  I'll also add that I have two sets of welded metal racks.  One set has a wider "U".  By that I mean a wider material was used to make the head that the blank rests on.  I like that better, although I have never had any problem with the one made from narrower stock.  Carry on and may all the "wobbly cement bucket" types eventually see the light.

OK, I'm sold.  I'm gonna try to figure a way to bolt my (wood) racks to the slab where I work.  I just hate to have a bolt sticking up in the floor when I'm not using them!

Why not epoxy some threaded inserts into the slab, rather than have bolts sticking out? Just make sure the hole is a bit deeper than the insert so crud doesn’t jam up the insert.


OK, I'm sold.  I'm gonna try to figure a way to bolt my (wood) racks to the slab where I work.  I just hate to have a bolt sticking up in the floor when I'm not using them!



hey huck

just get some of these rawl bolts

drill hole put in the expander piece and screw in the nut

the expander piece is floor flush



So my wife just purchased the Foam EZ racks with the gravity base for me for our anniversary.  Nice unit.  However, I’m 5’8" and when the racks are bolted onto the gravity base, some padding is added to the rack and a blank is placed on the rack, I find the blank to be just a bit too high for my comfortable shaping level.

I am now considering bolting the racks directly to the concrete floor and sending the gravity base back to Foam EZ and IMO, Foam EZ should really put the minimum and maximum rack height with and without the gravity base.

Should I use a standard wedge expansion bolt?  A dual sleeve? or something else?  I would like to have the ability to remove the racks and even move them to other floor anchors for span adjustments.

Thanks for any help provided!

Send the base back, and use the concrete bolts like shown at the end of this thread. You will need to use a good impact driver and bit to break up any rocks you may encounter in the slab.   Make sure to level the racks when you tighten up the bolts as my slabs are not level and the rack base plate has some curve in it also.  I use a series of washers under a side of the base plate to do this.  If you space the racks properly to start, you can adjust them for a 5’ shortboard up to a 10 ft longboard or sup shape without unbolting them.  Also, by removing the top sections, you can make slip-on glassing stands using PVC pipe!  Brad posts on Sways, so PM him your suggestion (which is a good one) about listing the sizes!  Just my 2c…