F.Y.I. / I'm not the preacher(Herb) on Swell.com's Forum

OKAY,enough is enough,My bro Ray gave me a call a month or so ago about a posting that I might have made on Swell’s forum,under the name of,“Preacher Herb”.THEN,the phone calls started coming in one at a time about my lame posts on Swell’s site…TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT,I am not or never have been ,“Preacher Herb”.When Swell first started there forum I went under the name,“DYNO FISH”.I thought that swell’s media might be a good place to share info,and I do owe them a thanks for showing me the way to Swaylock’s(thanks to Michael’s post),but the Swell forum seems more like a cr-p slinging site for adolesences ,than a informational site anymore.I did go back to review some or most of these said posts,as well as others,and I was not to happy with the direction the forum is going.I do believe in certain inalienable rights(I donot condenm or condone Swell’s forum),and I did read some good posts from Nick Carroll,Greg lohr,Duncan campbell,wetsander,and Kelly Slater,but for the most part the rest of it is junk…I DONOT PARTICIPATE IN SWELL’S FORUMS ANYMORE FOR THIS REASON.Thanks for your time,and I’m very happy that Swaylock’s exsists for those who want to excel in the world of surfing.Herb.

Yeah, this place rules! You are not Preacher Herb, you are the crafty Herb.