Fabric inlay on Epoxy with EPS Board

Hi there, I am making my first board out of EPS, and  have it all shaped and ready to be glassed, I was thinking I want to use a fabric inlay on the top having it cover the entire deck  but I am using epoxy and can’t seem to find any videos or instructions of guys using fabric inlay with epoxy, just wondering how I should go about doing it,  if it is a bad idea or also if it changes how many layers of fiberglass I should use. Thanks!  Also if I were to paint the foam before glassing what paint can I use the board is EPS

You do it pretty much like how you it with PE.  Tape off the boarder for section you want to lay your fabric.  Trim fabric. Fold fabric length wise.  Apply fabric to the foam.  Fold the fabric back over to the wet foam.  Wet out the fabric and squeeze out the epoxy, Fold over the other half and do the same process.  After the epoxy dries, etch along the tape line with a razor.  Fold up the tape along with the fabric, bend a razor blade and horizontal / parallel with the deck where the tape and the fabric meets. I normally place a pin-line along the cut line.  There is a video showing this being done on the masters glassers video series done in PU.  I have done about 10 of these with epoxy.

Here’s a build thread from last year


ok thank you that was very helpful, I assume I should use a very thin fabric?