Fabric showing through

Here a post from a wannabee shaper from The Netherlands. After building quit a few windsurfboards in the old style (Clark/poly) it is now time for a nice longboard. What I really like in the Cooperfish boards is that you can still see the structur of the fiberglass. How do they do that? Is it one layer of really heavey glass??Hope somebody has got the answer. Thanx for this great forum and I hope my English makes any sense. Greetings from da lowlands.

the heavyer the weave

the more youll see the glass

If you are talking about a polished finish coat you will see the weave when you heat it up while polishing with the machine.

If you mean you can see the stranded pattern then it may be a pigmented lam.

the glass will more than likely be (volan)

& is the way to go for a longboard


Cheers!!! Found what I was looking for! So much inspiration just by looking at all those swirl designs… Keeps me awake…

Yeah, i believe that effect is due to the mirror finish and the opaque lams with heavy cloth.