Fading Inlay

Put a nice plumeria print on the deck of a board yesterday. Blues and pink flowers. Used standard resin and MEKP with a little suncure in it. Cloth had been washed in very mild vinegar solution and ironed out. After it kicked with MEKP I walked it outside to cure the top nicely, 10 minutes or so. Sunny cool day here today. When I brought it in to trim the edge I noticed the pink in the flowers was all but gone. Only the pink was affected. All the other colors were fine. Still looks great just lost the nice balance the pink gave the fabric. Anyone else ever had something like this happen? I am suspect the pink dye was sensitive to the styrene in the resin or maybe it was the suncure??? I will test a piece when I get a chance. Any ideas?? Krokus

Krokus, I use fabric quite often in my lay ups for fins and of all the colors, pink changes the most. It often goes lavender and almost always looses some of it’s intensity. If it’s a cotton fabric it’s not quite as bad. Rich