fancy fabric cuts for inlay

was thinking of trying to do a “fancy cut” fabric inlay – remember how as a kid you were (maybe) taught to cut snowflakes out of paper by folding it up and then cutting w/ scissors? Anybody ever try this for a fabric inlay? Bad idea? Suggestions for doing it the right way?

Hey Keith, I’ll give it a stab, I’ve done just a few fabric inlays but I think it would be best to lay out the shape of the inlay with tape on the foam. This way you can get the exact shape your looking for, no stretching of the fabric or getting a distorted shapes: Tape it off, lay the fabric down and lam it on with a little lam resin. Cut the shape like you would do a cut lap, right up to the tape, pull the excessive cloth off. Now you have a smooth inlay that’s bubble free. Glass the board as usual. If you cut it clean enough you won’t need pinlines. Just make sure you get all the little threads of fabric up before glassing, they wind up it the wierdest places in a glass job? -Jay

sounds like it would work, but I’ll have to try it on my next board. I didn’t get any responses to this question so I figured maybe it was a dumb idea, and over the weekend I just did a regular fabric inlay (full deck inside the cut laps, with a red bottom to match the colors in the fabric). It came out pretty good, I’ll post some pictures when its done… hope you got some waves, it was fun early yesterday (cold tho, brrr)…

Yeah, went out at North Garbage on Friday evening, lot bigger than it had been all week, not to many guy out, Got lucky before the wind blew it out Friday night. Post those pictures sounds like a nice board. I just tried to post some board pic too, I just finished up a 7’11" big guy tri fin, resin tint cutlaps, resin pinlines, glass on fins,etc. way too much work, but cool. -Jay