Fanning Island

Check out this site. New surf destination south of Hawaii. One of the best lefts in the world.

I have been there. your right great little wave ,very nasty sharp bottom and its in the middle of nowhere.I was there in April 03 on a NCL cruise.

Thanks Greg for the link. Last time I did research on getting to Fanning there was nothing available except the cruise ship. A friend of a friend also took a pic of the left there on visit with the NCL, nice. You plan on going there? Aloha, Derek

I have been in contact with chuck a couple of times he is running trips there in 2004.

My Florida manager went there on the ship and caught it nice. I’ve written Chuck. I’d like to go in the spring

Chuck wrote an article for Surfers Journal Volume Four Number Three (Fall 1995) called Blue Collar Paradise. Had a nice sequence of tabu point. I was drooling when I first saw that article!

How did you get a surfboard there ? I did not even try on the NCL cruize.After seeing the waves I wished I had even brought a boogie board.P.S. don’t pet the wild dogs,they are livestock.They looked alittle like dingos.