fascinating video - wayne lynch surfing / shaping related

this just captivated me, couldn’t stop watching. I just realized its like an hour and half long, it went by like in 5 minutes for me, hope somebody else enjoys it too. A bit of hyperbole and blather, especially from one particularly annoying (to me) narrator, but a lot of real food for thought in this also, and a good bit of surfing history as well.

I liked that too, Huck. I know what you mean about the blathering guy. Mike

I use to watch the segments of Wayne in evolution with my back to tv and view it with a mirror pointed over shoulder to tv so it looked like he was going right instead of left…

I like how the film brings out that most the world class surfers at that time were also shapers, unlike today. Rusty and Gerry Lopez weigh in on that. Apparently Wayne Lynch made all his own boards.


loved it. didnt think too much on the narration part. that coast line is scary
watching it again soon.

Thank you for the link.

I’ve watched it in cinema a while ago and really loved it. The cinema-poster is hanging in my shaping bay.
It’s nice I can now watch it again at home.

I make all my own boards, too, but it’s not helping me :slight_smile: Great video, BTW!

Really good. It took me like all day to watch it at work. Can anyone recommend any other good videos like this?