Fatty's first foam finished

Well, that was fun, just got it all done in time to go down to Devon at the weekend, and came down with the flu or summat. So still at home.

Any how ,this is it.

Its 7 foot by 22" by 2 3/4"

The colour was sprayed directly onto the foam, with the foam masked off for the bird, which was drawn then scanned and printed onto rice paper.







I’m planning the next one now, but first i have some fins to make, so its off to the archives for some ideas.

Really BIG thanks to Silverback for sending me the UV catalist, I’ll get you a couple in at the Red barn if our paths cross. The UV was such a load less hassle mate, cheers.

Thanks also to everyone else here for help, advice and wotnot,…doc, chippy, woody etc.

Later ,n, later


i like! good job on the black pinline type deal, looks good. oh ya, that VW van is awesome too.

Cheers man, unfortunately the van might need to go soon if the price of diesel keeps going up (£1.22 - £1.50) per litre depending where you are over here.

Can’t wait to get some fins on and get it in the water.


That looks spiffing! How about air brushing one of my boards?

Llongyfarchiadau mate!

I’ll definitely recognise that if i see you in Devon sometime…

well done - look forward to the ride report.


Yeay man, no worries. Send one over here and I’ll air brush it…might take a while to get it back to you though…ask Chipfish what the English postal service is like!


Hey mate, it may be sometime befor a ride report as I just missed my only weekend slot for ages due to feeling like s***.

Any hope of letting us know where to order some more UV cat from for my next board. It will be a while but deffo aint going back to the poison again.


well done !

good on ya jase !