Fave occy surf movie??

My birthday’s just gone, and i actually have a little cash, and was thinking of buying a dvd. Im a big fan of occy, but i’ve really only seen him in litmus ( or glass love ) at bells, so, what’s your fave occy movie guys??. My fave now is searching for tom curren but i lent that out a while ago and it hasn’t come back yet, d’oh!!

Just browsing google, i found a box set for 60 bucks with Bunyip dreaming, green iguana, sik joy, and sons of fun, all say they have occy in them. They also seem to all have Like egan, munga barry, sunny garcia, brandon maergeson. Anyone seen them??

Pump is epic, and Filthy Habits, they are the best 2 ever and OCC is absolutely killing it, and good tunes too…

hey Beery,

the green iguana has some phenomenal footage of Occy surfing a left in Indo that i love watching. he is surfing so well in that film. i can’t say much about the rest as i haven’t seen bunyips or sons of fun for years and never saw sikjoy. if you check ebay, there is a guy on there who usually has the Occumentary pretty cheap. that is a good film about Occy.


my vote would be Green Iguana or Occumentary.


yep I’ll second Green Iguana and Bunyip. That whole crew of margo, luke, margo, and brandon are phenomenal. Another favorite of mine is The Mystic- available on netflix.

funny bit… I heard there were sharks everywhere when mccoy was filming occy at nihiwatu in the green iguana. occy was jumping back in the boat and they said mccoy was going “get back out there occy its going off!”

yep, green iguana, bunyip and of course, my copy of the Occ-ster and Curren at the OP pro was it 84 or 86? I taped it off the telly.

Occ is a “big, older man’s inspiration”, if I may be so bold. He’s been tearing it up for almost 3 decades at a PRO level. Always on it, respected and kept the kid’s energy level AND then he’s probably been off and on 160 to 190lbs? He’s not that tall, so kicking ass at the adult weight against all the 130lb beach-break kiddies out there…it’s proper power surfing.

North Shore !



Beerfan - Occumentary… great movie, great story.

You can’t go wrong

Cam, is there much surfing footage??. I just read the OCCY book, awesome read.

Plenty of good surfing footage - great movie and great story

just one avenue for finding said movie (and also where i got it from):


i really enjoyed this movie and could watch it time and time again.

I'd put a vote in for "The Occumentary" By Jack McCoy. It's one of the best surf movies of all time. Right up there with Litmus and The Endless Summer 1. The Green Iguana and Bunyip Dreaming is also great. There is one wave in The Occumentary where Occ goes on a wave at J-Bay. He takes of on a fairly big wave and just goes straight down the line, highlining, without turning for a few seconds before he unleashes the power of the Occy! So relaxed and powerful surfing on a perfect wave. Really inspiring!

IMO, you can't go wrong with anything with Occy in it. his game is just so satisfying to watch...

i really liked him in Psychadelic Desert Groove, the Billabong Challenge in J Bay, and the Occumentary

Occumentary was done too early, quite a bit happened since then, would love to see another one maybe ???

Occys footage of him at the skins at Bells is best ever backhand surfing imho....

Filthy Habits, Pump, both grommy staple films for me....

Occ rips and anything with him in it usually good viewing, shame about his books, very lame reads.....