FCS F-Series Available?

I saw a post earlier and was wondering if some of the shops in other areas have them yet? Maybe order online? Haven’t seen then in CFL yet. Thanks, Ryan

Howzit Ryan, My FCS rep. Infored me that it’s going to be a little longer before they’ll be available to the public. The prototypes are really nice but when they went to production there were some problems and they are fixing them. They want them to be right so there’s no problems later. I give them credit for catching the problem and not marketing a sub-standard product. Aloha, Kokua

That’s good then, so much for the “Available this winter”… You are right about them holding into the bugs are worked out. I can’t wait to try them out. Anyway to become a “beta” tester? [wink]

Howzit Ryan, By a beta tester do you mean getting to try the fins for free? Since my FCS rep told me that as a long time account I will be getting promos on these fins I’d say you need to buddy up with some one who will be getting the same promo deal. Aloha, Kokua

Hell I’d even pay for them if I could get them as soon as you hear about them, the hype kills me. Like the Simon’s for example, I waited months after first hearing about them until I finally tracked down a set. I geuss that’s why they have marketing genious’s that come up with plans to release ads way to soon, to beat other companies to market. I think they should do it the other way around, release the stuff, word of mouth gets more product sold, then if they feel it is neccesary then have an ad campaign to boost sales even more. Just my 2cents. take it easy, ryan

Howzit Ryan, I agree 100%.Aloha, Kokua

The truth guys is that the magazines containing the advertisements were published sooner than we expected. Also a small problem with tab strength arose in production which we decided should not be allowed to be released into the market. Thank you for your patience. The F-series is only the first of some very interesting developments in the area of fins which we will be releasing this year.

Howzit FCS Rep, What part of the world do you rep for FCS. The Reps in Hawaii were a little surprized to see the Ads in the mags saying the new fins would be available in Dec. 03 since they were told it wouldn’t happen til the end of Feb. 04. Aloha, Kokua