fcs fin instalation

can anyone help with some information on how to find out exactly where to measure or map out the fin layout

fcs fins

Measure up from the tip(s) of the tail, and in from the rail to a single point that will be where the trailing edge of the fin touches the board (side fins). Center fins are measured from the tip(s) of the tail and put right on the stringer. The trailing edge points are marked with single dots, and a line is drawn through those dot, both noseward and tailward, at the desired toe-in angle. The fin layout template that comes with the FCS intallation kit has two grooves for each fin - one in the template’s base and one at its top. The dot sits in the base groove, and the nosewark line passes through the groove at the top of the template. The circles are marked, drilled, etc. in those locations.

I highly recommend the FCS installation kit, if you don’t already have it.


can anyone help with some information on how to find out exactly where to measure or map out the fin layout

fcs fins

G’day Hurley,

If you cant get hold of an install kit get you self a 30mm (1 3/16" ?) hole saw . draw your pencil marks on you board. Then using your fin, measure the centre of the tabs from the trailing edge of you fin and plot the point on the board then drill your holes to 3/4" clean out the foam then remove the arbour from the hole saw and carefully drill all the way through to the deck, then take a thin screwdriver or similar and scrape out remaining foam to form the deck ring. Remember not to drill on the line as the inside edge of the fin runs along your line on the board, you drill a few millimetres to the rail side of the line. If you dont want to make your own fin jigs up, just set the plugs with the fins in two batches, half way with the fins, then remove and fill up when the first pour has set.

Much easier to get the installation kit, but not necessary.

Good luck.




PM me your e-mail and I’ll send you a copy of the instalation manual, its too large to post up on the site.


thank you so much

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Hey Guys

I just finished shaping my blank. Im getting ready to glass it and Im having trouble marking the fin lines. I do not have the FCS install kit yet, but I will when I plan to install the fins. Gotta get the funds$$

I guess I just need the FCS Fin Base mesurements.

6’9" Tri-Fin Setup:

I know the distance from the Tail to the rear fin

Distance from the Tail to the front fins

but I dont know what is the mesurement for the fin base, or (the distance between the rear dot and the front dot)?

Any info is very much appreciated.


Don’t know the numbers off the top of my head, but lay the fin down with the trailing edge on the dot, then make a light mark where the center of the tab is in relation the line the fin will sit on when installed. Where this line intersects your fin line, make a dot about an eighth inch towards the rail. This is the point you will drill. Do as entity says for the rest. If you get an install kit, you don’t need the measurements, just use the template they provide you.

Many fins have different base lengths, so you don’t need a front dot if you use the fin mark out template. You just do one dot at the trailing edges, and strike a line. The template lines up the dot and the line.

I get a long straight edge and line up the dot with a point relative to the nose. Others do it differently, but that works for me.

4 1/2’’ is the distance between the dots.