FCS fin question...

I have installed FCS fins on one of my boards. Everything went fine except for when I took the dummy fins out, there was some resin that got into one of the fin slots. How this happened I am not sure. I was thinking about taking a small drill bit and routing it out. I think this will probably do the trick. Anyone else have any ideas of how to remedy this without re-installing a new plug? Help is once again appreciated! Thanks!! -Jeff-

Some times you can take the ice pick tool they give you in the fcs kit, hold it like a pencil, and take the tip and try to pull or push the kicked resin from the wall of the fin slots. Some times it will pop right out in one piece. If not you can use a drill bit. If it is in the corner of the slot, you might not even have to worry about it. If the fins fit they fit.

Athough this problem doesn’t warrant buying a new piece of equipment, I find dremel (type) rotary tools to be great for this kind of thing. They can be more precise than a drill. You can also use them for minor routering and misc, small scale, grinding jobs. Good luck with the plug.