FCS fusion installation check

Hi i recently ordered a couple of “high end” surfboards as wanted to try something new.

So one of em i ordered thruster set up and also with carbon strip along stringer, and it came back as 5 fin set up and no strip, i let it go as the cost equalled out and its still a perfectly good board even tho i dont own quad fins, seems very weird and was never brought up by the guy in the shop then he tells me the carbon strips around tail he wont charge me for but they never do, was all quite odd???

Anyways as i check out the side fin plugs it just appears to be diff angles on either side, so can someone out there tell me how i can acurately check if the fin plugs installation angles are correct?

I drove a long way to pick these up and if im being shafted in anyways im gonna be livid!!

Thanks in advance

Your being shafted .

sounds horrible. 

you need something like this to measure the angle of your fins:


you set the # of the angle you want and the arm against the fin.  

A former team rider brought me his Fahrwahr that rode like crap, he had leaking FCS plugs and could I pull them and do glass ons.

I wanted to make sure I kept his fin toe correct and put fins in the plugs, laid an aluminum straight edge along the inside of the fins, one side pointed nearly straight ahead, while the opposite side pointed at the tip of the nose.

Made in San Diego by “American” craftsmen ?



Sad - most capable surfers can sense a 1/16th inch per fin difference in  toe in.

Firewires are made in Thailand 

Hey mate thanks for the input, im in Aus not too sure where id find one of them but ill have a look.

Hey Jim, that sounds like a basic way to check so im gonna see how i go, thanks.

yea the whole thing is kinda odd, with the order and all, i been surfing my whole life unfortunatley im out of water for next 4 wks so i cant test em out otherwise thatd be how id check it out, but for now i gotta see what i can come up with on land

thanks really helpfull

So im doing basic measurements hardly accurate but as best i can do and finding left side fin plug to be 5 degrees while right side is 3 degrees, i can see with the naked eye that they are out… with fins in looks better but havnt ridden it.

But they had a factory in SD, Dan Mann chief shape guy

I have 3 taper/toe templates that butt up to the stringer, each with a slightly different toe, butt it to the stringer, mark, move to other side, mark, no way for anyone with more than 2 points of IQ to F it up. I watch shapers use a square to mark rear, then front of fin, real close, but a pencil dots at 4-1/2" apart can really get off course at 6’ and up 

Yea it sure can when i get a straight edge and measure up to nose the difference in distance from stringer is 1/2 inch…shit position to be in guess i have to call them 

last question to anyone whos in the know all ive ever done is surf, 

1 board is thruster set up left side fin at 5 degrees, right at 3 degrees.

1 board is 5 fin set up left side fin is 5 degrees, right is 4 degrees, quad fins are 1 degree out.

both boards when measured have 2mm diff in from stringer to back of fin and none of the fins line up on the dots, as opposed to older boards ive checked which went great and all measurements are spot on.

I know someones gonna go off at me for being pedantict etc, but as i said i cant surf right now im injured so cant test em, and i paid a lot to try this brand and im just a bit suss on it all.

So from anyone whos done after glass measurements and had similar findings what are your experiences on how board performed and should i say something to them for piss poor workmanship.

btw im a tradesman and if something is visibly out by the eye as these plugs are which got me investigating in the first place i always fix it.