Fcs Fusion screw hole crack

Hi, all

custom for a friend is ready and I’m checking the plugs, scews etc. when it happened. Brand new board and now has a tiny crack on the plastic perpendicular to the screw hole. Barely noticable but it’s there.

I cant find a reason this has happened. No resin in the hole or anything.

So, should I cap the plug with a couple 4 oz patches, replace it, or leave it as it is?



I’d leave it.  With a fin in the box the screw will do its job.  Looks like you had some resin in there when you backed the screw out of the hole.

If you did this board for money, then go the full boat and fix. Remove the screw and fill the hole with resin and some milled fibers. When set, drill out and re-tap the threads for set screw. If for a favor. I’d agree with Mako.