Hey FCSRep,

    Anytime you're in the San Clemente drop by and we can compare notes on our Next Generation design and your H2's. We've got nothing but great feedback from those useing them. We could even do a surf comparison if you like. 

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Howzit Tom, I will definitly stop by next time I’m on the mainland to talk story with you. My ex and sons live in S.C. and I stay in Capo Bch when in the area. I think that here on Swaylocks we are probably way ahead when it comes to brainstorming fin systems and fins. This can only be good for surfing since fins are probably the most uncharted area in board building. Aloha,Kokua

It would be great to have you stop by kokua. I’m deliberating a late spring trip with the family to Oahu. If it comes together I’ll give you a holler as well.

Oops! I forgot you on Kauai. I’ve got to budget more to make it over there.

Howzit Tom, Interisland air fares are not cheap these days and sometimes hard to even book. It's gotten to the point that some people opt for a trip to the mainland instead since it doesn't cost that much more to fly there. The big news in interisland travel is the huge ferry they are building which will allow people to take their cars on and won't have to rent a car when visiting outer islands. Aloha,Kokua

Hey Tom, thanks for your offer to test some fins together. Difficult as I am in Australia.

I’m going to have to get down there one of these days

Hey Rob,

The 3D Red Tip (also known as the original John Harris Wing Fin from the 80’s) has been extensively tested. One of our key riders of this fin is Gary ‘KONG’ Elkerton.

No damage to the plug installation has been observed when surfed from the Gold Coast to Hawaii.

Prototypes of a larger version (5 1/4" tall) have also been used with much success and no plug pull outs.

I too can recommend the H-2 sides with the wing centre. Excellent combo

So, with the new designs that FCS are always working on, and the amount of negative feedback regarding their plugsbeing pulled out, is there any development being made into this area? I personaly havent had any toubles with FCS fins, but I do notice alot of negative comments and opinions.

By the way, we havent had any decent surf around here for a while now so the H2s are lying dormant for now. Several of my friends are getting the H2s and the Red Tip for Xmas as a set. Sounds interesting, as many have tried and really like the red tip fin even with conventional FCS fins.

Im really enjoying watching the current evolution in fin design and look forward to bigger and better things from all fin designers, builders and companies.


Howzit nicco, If the plugs are installed correctly they won’t come out unless you maybe hit the reef head on. Aloha,Kokua

Do you know where to buy the H2 + red tip combo?, do you have any pictures of the set up?

Here in Spain, we haven’t see them.

Hey Kokua,

So all the whingers (on other forums mainly) are just trying to lay blame on someone else lol. Oh well, I think I just take what they say at face value. Shows these forums are full of knowledgable people.

As for the rip tip H2 combo, its not a ‘combo’ as such, you just have to buy the H2 set up ($145 Australian) and then the Red Tip and mix and match as you want (Red tip = $75 Australian). Its probably worth while have the full H2 set up anyway. Most good surf shops (the ones with surfboards anyway) have the fins or will be able to order them in anyway.

Thanks to everyone whose helped on this topic, it put my mind to ease about buying a set and stealing a red tip from a friend!! (theyll steal my H2s anyway!!).


Howzit nicco, Tried to order some H2’s yesterday but they are out of stock already, but over here they only run about $50 US and the wing tipped center fin is $35 US. That’s my wholesale prices and if you go to a shop they mark up 100% for retail. Aloha,Kokua

Actually saw a japanese mag with several different angles of the hold down mechanism for the tank. It appears to be round, which i’m assuming is to be able to change angle of attack. Sorry if my earlier comment rubbed anybody wrong. But I also noticed that the H2 very closely resembles (template wise) Rich Pavels front fin for his quad board called the speeddialer.

This template has been around for quite a while and works really well. Super pivot. We just started testing a similar type template but have not settled on which center fin (for thrusters)feels the best yet.

OLd post I know, but yeah its two plugs. Held in a stainless steel device specially made for the cavitation chamber.

Hey FCS rep I was jsut curious seeing that I’m young and am obsessed with this sutff already, do most of your designers have engineering degrees or training or are they jsut industry guys with experience??



h2’s in a shop in orlando where going for a 100 bucks, pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

Howzit turbhog, The shop is marking them up 100%. Way to much for a set of fins. Unfortunatelly I 've forgotten the price I was quoted for manufacturerers, Did that set come in a round container? I was told that the packaging for the H2's was going to cost FCS $15.00 because they wanted it to look like the fins( the metalic look). personally I think they should package them like the other fins and deduct the $15.00 which would make the price around $ 70.00 retail. If you have a friend who has an account with FCS you can get them for a lot less, maybe around $40 - $45. Also if you have a friend who owns a retail surfshop and does the 90 day pre-order thing with them there's an additional 15% discount. Aloha,Kokua

yeah its a cool looking fin with the metalic weave thing. i was checking them out but i was not really impressed, something that i probably wouldnt buy

Turbo, Does the container the fins come in look like the metalic weave on the fins? if so that’s part of the high cost. They seem to work pretty good from the feed back I’ve gotten. Aloha,Kokua

yeah thse ones had the metailc weave thing, it definetly looks cool. none of the guy that i went to had ridden them yet