FCS Knock-off

Can someone give me the name and manufacture or links to the fin system that looks like three FCS plugs when installed. I know the base is one piece etc, but looks like three FCS plugs installed in a row. Accepts fcs fins. Haven’t see too many of them here on the Island and when I do they are usually on a Mainland made board. Anyone got the info on this system? Save me a long search, please. McDing

Hey McDing,

does this look like the right one?


there may be USA distribution…

Are you talking about this?

If so, they’re called Finsolutions (or FinsSolution). I guess they’re an australian system. I’ve used them a lot lately.

http://www.ausfinco.com/ buy direct.

Thanks guys for the link. That’s it. Looks stronger than FCS, but fits their fins. Easy install. You guys down-under are a bunch o’ “Board building genius’” Mahalo------------McDing

need i mention Pro-Box AGAIN!!!

I saw probox installed on a board in person at SD sways get together. . . fast and easy.

Checked out the Probox page. Thanks. Another good system. Right here in the Islands too! Has some nice advantages with the cant adj. Priced right too. I’ve used Futures and O’fishl, just because that is all I can buy here. I like FCS, the fins are nice, but they do damage easily. In order for me to use FCS here in the Islands, I have to go thru their dealer. The last time I checked he wanted over $600 for a start-up. I explained to him that I already had the the necessary tools, jigs etc. that I had purchased from another shop in Calif and only needed plugs and fins. Still wouldn’t sell me anything less. Because of the deal their Hawaiian distributor has with the Mainland, Fiberglass Hawaii won’t sell the plugs here in the Islands. Everytime I go to the Mainland I stop at Fiberglass Hawaii in Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara and buy enough sets of plugs and fins to hold me over until next trip. I haven’t had a shop in awhile and am gearing up to start again so I am checkihg out various systems. I definitly am going to push any system that is relativaly strong, has good fins and can be installed AFTER the Lam and Hotcoat. I don’t have any problem routing and installing before and during the Lam process, It just interupts the flow and time involved. I want my customer to get something decent and I want to make it easy on myself. Thanks Guys.

well for what it’s worth, i’m VERY happy with Pro-Box…both the product itself and the customer service. i really dig a lot of the Pro-Box fins (it’s obvious that a lot of time and expertise went into the R & D), and the system accepts FCS fins with no adjustment necessary. best fin system i’ve ever had.

does pro box accept other fins besides FCS and Pro Box?

check out the website and look at the tab that fits into the box…

i imagine many fins for other systems can be easily modified to fit Pro-Box, although may not still be usable with the original fin system. or you can always make your own (that Swaylock’s spirit, eh?!).


Do yourself a favor and try ProBox. Strong box, stupidly simple install, handmade fins, adjustable, good price and customer service second to none. What else could you want? And no I don’t work for them, just a happy customer.

A real plus for this system that will no doubt get me to try them is the fact that they are getting fins from at least two of my favorite fin companies; Fiberglass Fin Co. and Island fin. Thanks again guys. Mcding

I jumped on the ProBox wagon too. Strong, easy, and adjustable. 3 different cant inserts, and FCS fis can move 1/2 in in the box forwards and backwards. And if you want to adjust the toe, I grind the front tab of the FCS fin a 1/16 and shim it with a little peice of thin plastic either side.


Howzit resinhead, Another way to change the angle is to sand a little off the bottom of the tabs, more angle sand rail side tabs, less angle sand inside tab. this is what Mitch told me to do. Aloha,Kokua

In the UK we can buy Eurofins. These are described as being ‘compatable’ with FCS. actually the plugs are identical. I dont see why you couldn’t use those. Don’t know about availablity over there though.

I know that mark at Tsunami Surfbaords uses them I’m sure he would be happy to advise, he can be contacted at tsunamisurfboards@f2s.com

hope that helps

Hey Kokua-- Have you used either of the systems previously mentioned? Fin/solutions or Probox? What do you think of them? I value your opinion pal! McDing