FCS Occy Template : discontinued

This is the second time this template has been discontinued and probably the last.

Some of these fins are still available … Ebay, Amazon,retail , act quickly.



Kind of follows Occys career.  Went off the map, came back strong and now let to rest in retirement, still surfs pretty good if you can find them/him.

I have a set of the plastic feeling ones. They're a few years old. I have the sides in my midlength, i'd use the middle one but im too tight for a fin adaptor, so i use a centre fin from an 80's thruster. For a board that's 7'10'', with these fins its possible to bring it all the way around, and it doesnt hang in the lip, when i get the odd occasion to be up in the lip at speed. I love them, and will be holding onto them.


Not sure why, but i like the biggest fins i can get in the sides.


Are they being replaced by something similar?.

Never fear - the Sonny Garcia fins are pretty darn big too…


You might have some success with either the G-AM or Sunny fin, which are identical fins to each other ,by the way
Sunny base and depth same as the G-AM, the only significant difference is the foil thickness, the Sunny fin being thinner and a better
high speed (Hawaiian) ffin with  less lift (for larger waves) over the thicker, more California style,  G-AM(for on avg. smaller waves).
Both of these fins above being slightly smaller in overall area, base and depth than the Occy.

The G-R might also work as being very close to the Occy, close but maybe no cigar, worth a try.
With Futures the FAM or FAM-2 one of those , runs with a little more depth but has a wide base
like the Occy, so it might be a good substitue  and lacking nothing(base,depth, area) compared to an Occy.