Fcs plug backwards

Hey guys. I made a dumb mistake installing fcs plugs on my newest board. On one of the plug pairs, i set them with the screws facing the rail. Is this worth driling them out and installing new plugs? They are still at 6deg, and sanding off excess plug will be on the side opposite of the screw, but im not 100% sure if the screw location makes that big of a difference. I understand that most fins have a screw notch only on the inside of the fin, but that could be easily changed. Thanks for any help.

Hi rksurfdive -

The screw location and angle DOES make a difference.  

As you know, there are little grub screw indents on the tabs of many fins. You want the end of the grub screws to interface with those indents.  It doesn’t take much tightening torque to hold the fins in place if the screws are hitting the right spot.

With any luck you should be able to drill a small hole on the correct side of the plug, tap new threads and be on your way.  Take the old screws to the hardware store and they can advise as to correct drill diameter and tap size.  It’s really pretty easy if you are careful when drilling the holes.

The original holes on the other side are insignificant but if they bug you, they could be filled and your mistake won’t be detectable.  Just make sure you cover the hole on the inside of the tab slot so the resin doesn’t run down in the slot. Add a bit of pigment to match and you’ll be A-OK.

I think this is a cheaper/easier alternative to re-routing and installing new plugs.  



If you don’t want to drill a new hole like John suggests, simply tighten the grub onto the fin.  It probably won’t slip out but you can drill a small indent on the other side of the fin if you are worried.  Like you say the angle is fine and a 6degree cant means that most of the plug is still in tact.  Probably last for years.

Or you could run your fins backwards haha.  Let us know how she rides:)