FCS plug epoxy resin pigment

Hello all!  Just wondering what pigments people had been using with epoxy for fin plug pours? I’ve only used straight resin (with milled glass) before and ofcourse you can see any bubbles so it looses that Gucci-Pro-Uber-Guru look! I’ve found a supplier of small batches of epoxy pigment, but interested to know what folk are using. Thanks for your time and experience in advance!

Much respect, Mart

Use the same pigment as for poly resins.  For boxes / plugs when the desired color is white, use high ratio Q-Cell and resin only.   Use small amount of 5 min. epoxy in each hole, put the plugs on a fin, set the plugs in and get the fin aligned.  Release the fin once the epoxy sets.  Use 3 pours to prevent overheating: 1) milled fibers + resin, 2) Q-cell + resin, 3) Q-cell + resin + pigment.  Sand 'em down then fill any holes from bubbles with the same mixture used on the last pour. I mask over the slot and screw then lam a clear layer over the plugs.  Never rely on solid epoxy to seal without any cloth over it (pin holes, separation during cure, etc).

Thanks Pete C! Thats really interesting, doing it in 3 pours. I’ve only done it in one with a wet towel on the deck to act as a heat sink (fine on PU, but a problem with EPS I would guess).

Just out of interest, for anyone looking at “alternative” pigments, there was this study done by West Systems   http://www.westsystem.com/ss/assets/Uploads/Ew21pigments.pdf  

Some pigments make adhesion better, but I wonder what they do to fracture toughness?

Thanks again PeteC!

A few more things come to mind on this...err food for thought.

  • Adding pigment will make epoxy more flexible.
  • I under size my holes when drilling for epoxy plugs either fin or leash.
  • Resin Research quick can be done in one pour...as long as you don't have huge holes to fill up.
  • Mix epoxy, hardner, colorant, ppour a bit in a ziploc bag and put in freezer ASAP.  Save it for your after sand bubble fixes.  doing this will do two things 1) ensure you have exact same color of white . 2) ensure a small batch of epoxy is measured perfect to kick.. 3) I will only live in the freezer a short time..like 24 hrs or so. This is not a long term thing.

Thanks ResinHead! I like the freezer idea.   What pigments are you using? 



Pigments...just stuff. I use dura ..something or what not from Mitch's, but the stuff from greenlight, or Surf Source, or foam EZ...or the paste from Home depot in the tubes all work fine.

The best with the freezer is using RR CE resin, it gives you a bit more life in the cold.  I've had it last up to 2 weeks. I'll save the clear epoxy to fix little bubble blow outs after sanding around the nose and tail....so you get perfect bubble free corners, or to build up the nose for final sand before spray or gloss job....Always good to have a little dap o epoxy around the shop