fcs plug succes

Thought I’d post this as a change from the plugs falling out failing etc. I’m not trying to say they are better than anything else. I expected a big hole.

A few days ago I was playing around in some shore small shore break mostly proneing the close outs until one dumped me barck first on the fin of my board the fin poped out plugs are fine small ding behind the canard and main fin. Chewed tabs that’s all :slight_smile:
1lb eps plugs set In Pu blocks 3oz under .8mm balsa 6oz over I think.

after sanding the boxes…cap them with a layer or two of glass…more work …yes…stronger…yes.




Nice, yeah at the factory and repair shop I used to work at, we loved the basic FCS plug. The thinking is that at some point the fins are going to get damaged. It’s enevitable, so when it does, you want the least damage. The tab is likely to break first, protecting the plug. If the plug does come out, they leave very little damage usually compared to other systems, so the board is protected. Then they are really easy to repair, re route the hole and install as usual, perhaps with more resin. This is purely from a repair POV, there are certainly better performing fin systems in other respects.


Cheers josh b


Hate to be the bad guy…

your fin system and your wood glass job are failing…big time…just look at the photo.

The rear end of the FCS fins has BUSTED out your glass job…and your wood skin… Sorry man… That board is going to start taking on water. FCS plugs are a repair man’s dream. They crack , break , and push through the deck…There’s a really good reason that FCS went to boxes. you nailed it


Fixed and surfed again it’s fine :^) It took 5 minutes, no drama.
As above I’m not trying to imply that the plugs are better than anything else. Biggest surprise was standing up with the fin under my foot.


To limit the risk of cracking because you hug a bit too roughly some beach/reef, would it be possible to cut a bit of he fin rear side ?

Of course We have to respect the foil and not just chop’ off the poor fin…