Fcs powder what is it made of?

Hello anyone knows what this is? actually my guesses are:

1- calcium carbonate
2- cilica
3- some ceramics
I would be more happy to get it at a regular drugstore then by mail order.

Cheers and good waves.

it is milled glass fibre. it has a nice color for repairs…


So i can just put some pieces of fiberglass on a blender and i will get the stuff?
Will it work?


Just buy the bag! Don’t put fibres in a blender please. Or Google “milled fibre glass powder” to get it cheaper. Any surfboard shaping supply business has it. You in the US?

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No, and in europe most of the shaper suplies sellers are closing shop or sell very expensive stuff.
Anyway the powder has a grainy texture…more like stone, are you sure is milled fiber?

You can check the vyralsurf website to get an idea.
Cheers and good waves

Try a boat supplier

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im in the netherlands and get a lot of stuff from Viral surf. R & G also has it. i bought at R&G a 5kg bucket, art nr 210 110-3 Glass fibre milled.

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Cool, i reserchead a little and found that behind all that there is the composite industry.
A lot of fiberglass, pigments etc… Way cheaper.

Check these online if you want

Castro composites
Eco composites
I think the first one sends mail orders.

Cheers and good waves

For most of this kind of stuff I buy from US Composites as a backyarder. If you have a legitimate business set up you can buy basically everything for glassing boards from North American Composites.

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