FCS question

I have a question about fcs plugs on a board that I stripped, and am doing a slight re shape on. I stripped the glass of an 8’ funboard, that I want to reshape and wonder what to do with the old fcs plugs that are installed. Part of the reason I stripped it was one of the fcs plugs had broken completely loose, and when I removed it to fix it, I realized how easily I could strip the glass off. I figured now I have a new project! So I ripped off all the old glass, and found an old template that I could use that wouldn’t require removing much more foam. When I cut out my new outline, the plugs are now to close to the rails. When I remove them I’m gonna have to fix the holes that they left, what would be the best way to fill those holes? I was thinking of using some scrap foam and gluing it in the holes, would that work or should I use resin instead of glue? Also, would it still be ok after this repair to install new fin boxes( probox ) or should I just glass on the fins? I’m curious about whether the whole area will be weaker with that new repair. Seems to me that once the board was glassed, those repairs aren’t gonna make it any weaker. Any thoughts? I hope this makes sense! Thanks a lot.

Hm… I’m no expert but I recently did a similar project (still working on it actually… almost done.). I just used resin with some microballoons in it as a slight thickener to glue chunks of foam into the holes I had to deal with. I cut the holes out into squares so that I could get a more precise snug fit than if I tried to cut round pieces. Also… before you resin in the foam, get all the shaping of that area done… because otherwise you’ll get ridges of resin that are really really hard to shape around. There may well be a better way to go about this, and if so there is guaranteed someone on here who will know it. It worked ok for me though.

Good luck!

Thanks I’m gonna give it a go like you said. Good point about finishing the shaping before I repair with the resin, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

I always drill out the old plugs now. Too much trouble trying to repair and patch broken and cracked plugs. I use a 2 1/8" Hole drill and take out the plug and foam all the way to the deck glass. Then I use a 2 1/4" hole drill and drill out a now piece of insert foam and resin or glue it in. I do sand the area that will go next to the deck to get the same angle or curve as the deck has…so no empty space to fill with resin. Then I start from scratch and install a new FCS plug. All in all, it turns out to be cheaper and less trouble, looks better and stays fixed.

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