FCS S-81 Program

Anyone know anything about it?

And how much the package is.

I’m presuming over a $100 for sure for the limited edition package.

But if it’s not too unreasonable, I wouldn’t mind contributing to a program that’s putting some of the proceeds back into Simon’s pocket in recognition for his contribution.

Hopefully it’s not like $1000 or so

Also anyone know anyone that’s ridden them?

The template looks old school…

they are about 100-125 depending were you get them.

I saw them for $90ish in an OC retailer. I just can’t remember which one. Try HSS? or Jacks NB … I didn’t really check out the fin.

All I found in direct reference was this from a Portuguese surf site (surtotal.com). I don’t see any direct indication of a financial benefit to Anderson. I also agree with some of the responses to your inquiry of 7/17 posted to the Surfermag forum - that is some fugly stuff. Warning, the following is a mechanical Portuguese to English translation - prepare for a headache:



hi bernie !

yes they are old scholl …1981 designs . I haven’t held a pair , but I’d like to see them .

I’ll have to see if my surf supplies guy has any in , next time I am there …

cheers ,


as far as whether they are old school

all I can say about fin designs is go look at what Griffin’s been doing with fins and then pick his brain about what the design of the fin is supposed to do versus not. I know it’s made me think alot about fin design and why the fin by itself is going to make alot of difference versus overall design and placement.