FCS Screw Alignment

Hey all,

Just got a new board and it looks killer… 6’3" KG twinzer. However… the only potential problem I see is that one of the screw holes (in one of the fin boxes) is a little off. If you were to lay the board in front of you with the bottom facing up, the nose to the right, and looked into the box from above you’d see what I mean. The angle of the screw looks normal at about 45 degrees, however the screw seems to be slanted from right to left. Meaning that the screw goes down and to the left when it enters the fin box. It still exits, and I haven’t put the fin in yet to see what kind of bite it gets… but as long as the screw makes good contact to the fin it should be OK correct? Anyone with past experience on this? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks