Female shapers / glassers

How come there aren’t any “well known” female shapers or glassers? Or even the backyard builder? The process of molding a functional piece of art…endless possibilities of glassing colors and designs. Seems like the process would be open to both men and women. Is making your own board that much of a dude thing?

It takes years to become relevant in the shaping game… I’m sure there are some solid ones out there… as far as why you don’t see as many girl backyarders I would have to guess it has something to do with the diy aspect of building boards from making your setup to learning from all your mistakes. This takes a bunch of time and if said girl has children she’s probably pretty short on free time. I do know there are some talented chick airbrushers out there on instagram though!

Ashley Lloyd is “well-known” here in Santa Cruz. http://www.ashleylloydsurfboards.com/surfboards

Rachelat 609 boardcraft is an excellent craftswoman turning out high quality work for many Ventura shapers. Ms. Connolly is turning out some righteous shapes

I don’t remember what the label was, but a while ago someone posted a link to an Aussie brand with videos of a young lady glasser doing some sick swirls and color work. Top notch.

Christine Brailsford Caro from Furrow is making a name for herself, The Lady of many colors (glasser) too.


Every time I look at the US Blanks website I see my friend Whitney Abutin. Go Whitney!

What about Eva Hollman, The Board Lady?


Teena McIlveen

There was a young woman who was going to school in RI a few years back that was a member here. She was doing some backyard shapes. I think her name was Rachel.

Ja well - wildcat surfboards out of France.

They are out there.

There is also a blonde girl who polishes I met very briefly a while back. Believe she is outta San Clemente. Can’t remember her name though.

Sounds like there are a bunch in California. Not many in the northeast… maybe us blanks or someone will see this and do a newsletter/write up on female board builders that’d be cool

Whitney and Rachael used to post a lot. Guess their doing well these days.
I met a girl here on Oahu who learned from UncleD and she has made her own boards. Don’t remember her name.

Why?? Does it matter??

…so do you see many famous female mechanics, carpenters, house builders, computer engineers, and a very long etc?
However, you see many female architects, painters, artists, etc