Fiberglass Cloth Weights?

I found a roll of fiberglass cloth in my garage, is there any way of visually finding out what kind it is?

Thanks for the help,


Howzit chrsbrwn, Kind of an open ended question, do you want to know the weight, brand, is it warp or E glass,etc? Need to be more specific.Aloha,Kokua

Post a close-up photo of it with a measure and it will narrow down the variables.

Well even though this won’t help you much, the larger the fibers, the heavier the glass. Take it to a surf shop, check out the cloth in the ding repair kits and compair them maybe?

a) cut a square yard and weigh it on a good scale. If it weighs more than about 10 ounces, it’s probably not the best stuff to use (unless you’re making a super-tanker).

b) do a test laminate and see how much resin it soaks up and how it looks when it’s done? does it look like how you want your surfboard to look?

c) drape it over a compound curve - maybe a ball - and see how it conforms. Is it real stiff or does it lay down reasonably well? If its stiff you might only want to use it for a deck patch (or not at all).