Fiberglass Itch Cure, a Christmas Miracle

Yes, I should have worn a long sleeve, yes I should have put on baby powder, yes I should have bought Microsoft at 20, yes I should have kept that 356B super 90. But I didn’t.

Today I sanded 5 fish with 12 fin boxes. I was itching badly along my forearms. As I looked up from my shower, I noticed my wife’s hair condidioner. I applied it liberally. I let it sit a minute or two. Longer would have probably been better. But as you know, I’m not one to get out of the way of a problem.

No itch where I applied the conditioner. I didn’t apply it to my wrists and where my watch band sits (ie, the control areas). THose areas still itch.

So there ya go. A Christmas miracle. Next time I’ll use baby powder. I know that works too (thank you George Gall).

All the best

I use a horse hair bathing brush and it works great. I scrub with soap first thing when I get in the shower then take a normal shower after that. It usually works. I also use Japanese bath towels that are pretty course and do a great job of exfoliating the skin. That combination may be what works. I’m going to try your trick the next time I sand a board.

There’s a joke in there somewhere Greg.
At the very least you must smell pretty!

I must just be lucky.
Fiberglass doesn’t make me itch.
I can make a dozen G10 fins in a t-shirt and not have a single itch.