Fiberglass scissors

I was wondering what kind of scissors to get for cutting fiberglass. Should I get the ones from or are there better cheeper ones out there?

Kevin, I went out and bought some $36.00 scissors and wasn’t too happy with them. They kept getting harder to work as I cut around the board. Turns out it was small fibers sticking to the blades. In the mean time I bought a cheap pair of Fiskers brand, and they work just as well. Just keep them wiped clean and rub some parafin (candle wax) on the cutting edge from time to time. Doug

Upholstery shears work great, Or go to any fabric store and get the heavy duty ones meant for cutting denim,canvas etc

depending on how many boards your building, get a pair of 12 inch wiss scissors. you won’t regret it. about 45 dollars. some of the surfboard supply companies sell them. will last you forever.

there’s several ways to go… 1)ALL STEEL SHEARS: I have sets of all steel fabric shears: 4" Weiss jobs, is a good+(about $50.00). Olympic 12" heavy duty fabric shears,very good++(about $125.00)and a set of Miltex 6" made in (at the time)W.Germany,the best+++(about $100.00)I got mine used, on a great buy.All these brands come in different sizes, qualities,and prices. 2) PLASTIC HANDLED SHEARS:Just about any of these will do.You can go to the 99cents store and get a dozen or so and pitch them when they start showing dulling or move them down to cut other things like grip tape for skateys.Ikea has great plastic handle jobs in like 6 packs for cheap!!! 3) ELECTRIC JOBS: Ditz rechargable shears,Singers,and the 99 cents store cheapys all work.REMEMBER! you get what you pay for!!!Herb

…The 12"shears are Clauss not Olympic.Must have been thinking gun parts or something…SHEESH!!! Herb

Kevin!..the DRITZ scissors are great. electric with cord and/or cordless…about 70-80 bucks or so. big plus if you want to keep cuts straight without frays. of course, you can use a regular pair if you have SHARP blades and a steady hand. I’m just a lazy old bastard. by the way, they also have these 3 dollar a pair “cut anything” scissors…which are like snips and are a real value. I used the same things to cut photo/etching plates when I was an art student at U.H. - then went home and used 'em on glass cloth! Stayed sharp!

I use both the Dritz electric and Airtech Techshears. Both are top of the line. I used to use a pair of 12" wiss, but the Airtech ones are the best you can find. They are the standard of the industry in Aerospace. You can see them at I showed the pair I have to John Mellor…cool stuff. Dave

Thanks for all the info right now I am trying to decide between the wiss scissors and the dritz eletric Thanks for all the help. -Kevin

and yes I want the left-handed ones. For far too many years have I had to slave under the rule of the right-handed scissor