Fiberglassing with volan cloth and pigments

Hey… I made a 12’6 from a Clark blank, glassed with double 4 oz on bottom and triple 4 on deck… was alright, but eventually started to fall apart. I stripped the glass, reshaped a svelt 12’2 and want to go more old school with a maybe 8 oz volan cloth with pigments. Any advise on cloth (weights and whether the Hexcel is best), pigments, and the right way to do a “cut lap”?? I’m not afraid of weight (no airs on the 12’2), just want durability and a classic look. any feedback would be great.

thanks, Ben

where to begin? –

  1. the only reason to use volan cloth is if you want that greenish volan hue. if you’re going to pigment it, why bother?

  2. as far as brand names of fiberglass cloth go, i think hexcel is the worst. i’d take JPS or BGF over hexcel any day. there’s nothing inherently wrong with hexcel…i just think they rank lowest as far as quality control goes.

  3. cut lap = lap + cut. lay tape. lap onto the tape. cut the lap at the tape line, and pull up the tape and excess cloth.

  4. glass it double 6 deck + 3/4 patch and a 6+4 bottom, and it’ll be plenty durable. no worries