Fibreglass VERSUS Foam Dust


Due to limited space it looks like I might have to shape and glass in the same shed! I have decked it out for shaping, ie blue walls, lights/shelves and racks etc but it looks like im going to have to glass in there also. This isnt a big drama really but I am more concerned about foam dust getting into the stored rolls of fibreglass (on roller racks on the wall) and resins know that stuff really does get everywhere.

Anyone think this would be a problem? Anyone got any solutions to shaping.. and... glassing... and... storing glassing materials in the same room!?

Cheers Marty

Cover fiberglass rolls with plastic sheets while shaping. Then thoroughly vacuum clean the whole mess before glassing.

hey balsa

yeh cool, i think ive seen photos of guys shaping/glassing bays with plastic sheet over fibreglass rolls?????


In addition, rig a simple dust chute-vaccum chute run to a decent-sized shop-vac* with a working filter in it** . Not only can this keep the majority of dust off the rest of your workshop, it keeps it out of the air close by. After all, it's not like the dust is good for ya, vitamin enriched or something.

Use 2" PVC pipe ( grounded to something with a wire) and shop vac hose to run your dust rig from overhead, rather than an attached hose that just drags on and hangs up on every-damn-thing. Duct tape is your friend here, for making good seals.

Lots of pictures and diagrams here of working setups, have a search.

hope that's of use


* You can buy shop vaccums, from the expensive but quiet Feins to cheap no-names from job lot stores. Me, I cheat, as usual. I get mine from the local dump. Seems like there are a lot of people out there who would rather spend $100 on a new one rather than $7 on an easily found replacement filter, so they just chuck 'em and get another. Thrift stores and yard sales are good too.

** note that I said 'a decent sized shop vac with a working filter' - how I know this and was reminded again ( slow learner, I am) is that I have used otherwise fine vacs where the stock foam filter was tired, and they acted as really good dust dispersers, fine dust went every-damn-where. The Shop-vac people sell cheap-ish fabric filters plus a retaining ring that makes a big difference, five filters and the ring as a kit for $9.98.

Put the cloth and shaping tools away. Flip it to a glassing bay. Shop vac gets the most of it, then the leaf blower comes out. Next day you’re good to go.