i have a timeshare on viti levu ... i know the smaller islands, like tavarua and some other  reefs accesable by boat only are available to there customers.. what i wonder is there surf on the main island???  or is it all broken up by these outer reefs and islands???  thanks   sadony

I hope you like coral breaks :smiley:

I understand there’s a few on the big island.

Sigatoka Rivermouth and Hideaway on the Coral Coast stretch.

Lighthouse Rights and Suva Harbour around Suva.

The Coral Coast waves are supposed to be worthwhile.

Other than those you are gonna have to pay charters :wink:

hi my timeshare is in denarau island area… is this close to the coral coast??? thanks bruce

Denarau is an island connected to the west coast Viti Levu by a causeway, about ten minutes south of Nadi.

You should have no problems negotiating transportation to the Sigatoka rivermouth and the Coral Coast (Fiji’s south coast) from there, although it’s further than Nadi.

Another option from Denarau is to organise a surfing charter from the Port Denarau Marina.

Your resort should be able to help you with both of these options. And probably can give you some info or suggestions in advance. Failing that there are charter/tour companies that’ll collect you from Denarau.

Warning: I have no personal experience with any of this, except a stack of research I did for a trip I planned to take to the Coral Coast… Which fizzled out.


i hit the beachbreak at sigatoka. there is a really cool little hut at the end of a dirt road where I stayed. Super cheap and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner and surfed as much as could by day, and drank cava by night. wasnt bad. dont know the layout of the islands so much, just lucked out that the navy ship i was on, anchored there. place is cool.