File conversions or CAD program advise sought

hello everybody who is into this stuff…

Do you know if today it is possible to convert the aps3000 .brd files into .dxf files or maybe even . hpgl files?

If not, what do you reckon is the simplest design program i could-should use to make 3 dimensional surfboarddesigns? The ones that HotWireC machines can use to cut out blanks…

These designs should be saved in or very easily be converted to .dxf or even .hpgl extension of course.

Thanks for your time


Get a trial copy of Shape3D, it has an export option… you will like it!!! and… it interoperates with the aps3000 CAD file format as well. It is likely that you will have to “fix up” the slices on the .brd design, good luck, we’ll be here.


Ola Wouter, I just saw your message… Man, it worked for me… The trial let me save .dxf… send the file to me and I will try to work it out for you, if you want…



The trial version of Shape3D doesn’t include the export option. Or not when I downloaded it about a week ago. If you’re on a Mac try printing your profiles from APS3000 as PDF’s. You can then import them into something like Illustrator and go from there. By the way, I’m pretty sure hot wire cutting machines can only do 2D not 3D. So you can get a blank rockered and outlined but it will be flat on the deck and the bottom.

That’s right!!, Wouter did you hear that… try saving it as .pdf from aps3000 and open it with a good vector based graphic designing application, I think for PC Corel Draw would export .dxf, not 100% sure. If not, Ilustrator is guaranteed.

good method. CorelDraw works for this application.

My buddy makes EPS blanks using a CNC hotwire and

that is what he uses.