Filling hole in PU blank

I have a PU second blank. It has a hole the size of a fist and about 1/2" deep in the bottom. I want to color this board yellow with Spray paint. I am concerned that if i use spackle that the color over the patch will be different than the color on the foam. Is this true?

some other ideas on the old forums i saw and thought i would get opinions on are:

  1. use a hairdryer or heat gun

2)create a plug with spare foam (i have the foam, how would i glue it in?)

3)mix foam dust with Elmers White glue

4)use sanding resin with sugar (dont know if this one was serious)

(Sorry, I know this has been covered in the past but i cant ask questions on the old discussions and i wanted to see if there was any new wisdom)

use light weight spackle while its still wet use some scrap foam to texture it…like a stamp…you may want to fill it in two layers in case of shrinckage…but the foam still sucks more paint than the spackle spot maybe prime with white first,the hair dryer method works also

if it’s as big as it sounds i would cut out a square in the blank around the hole ( just enough for it to be bigger) then cut an identical square from scrap foam. Use elmers or just lam resin to set it in. Then you have you have an identcal material to shap and paint. Shaping the blank with Qcell, elmers or another harder material will yield you a high spot because it will sand harder than foam and also be discolored due to paint absorbing differently.

Yeah, Flatspell has it right, use a block of foam for fill. Here’s a couple of tech tricks

I’ve used in the past for this type of fix.

  1. Put in the plug after you have shaped most of the board as then you won’t have

to deal with glue balls during your screening.

  1. Use white glue for the patch instead of any resin mix and it won’t show under color.

  2. Router out the hole and square the corners with an exacto knife so the plug fits tight

    without much room for glue. A lot of glue in this case is not your friend.

  3. Cut the scrap piece a little bit bigger with a taper on all four sides so you get a

    good press fit and compress the plug a little. This only helps the patch if you have

    shaped the board almost all the way down to finished screen.

If it’s a dent, you can try and heat gun most of it out, maybe all of it. If it’s missing foam, you’ll need a patch. These will always show if you paint the blank or use a non-opaque resin color. Put a logo over it when you glass or maybe a fabric inlay.

if you post a pic we can give you a definate answer