film/sound expertise around Seatle/Washington for restoring old footage

I have been looking into the history of paipo boards and came across a website advertising paipo riding in the 60s featuring John Waidelich, who has been credited with developing the modern guitar pick shape. Apparently, the DVD isn’t available due to cocnerns about the transfer from 8 mm to DVD & some of the soundtrack.
Funds to remake this and whether there is a market for such a DVD are
stalling points. There probably is a small current market and this is a
piece of history that should be preserved, so will have interest to
others in the future.

I don’t have any personal or commerical association with this but thik it would be worthwhile to preserve this history. Anyone in the Seattle/Washington area with technical
expertise or have funding suggestions? The amount mentioned to me
wasn’t that large if there were enough orders/interest.


Try Moviestuff. They’re in Texas. Google 'em. Tell them Balsa Bill sent you.

It’s not a real expensive procedure. Pretty reasonble actually.


Thanks. I’ll pass the info on.