fin additions to finished board

hey guys i’m thinkin of getting a 2007 7S superfish in probably the 5’9" or the 6’0".the only problem for me though is that the new superfish are thruster/quad option setups. I’m really low on cash and i’ll save about $200 by getting the 2007 model. so my question is, how hard would it be to add two fin boxes to a finished board? is it an easy modification?

here is a picture of the 2007 vs the current model. the blue one is the current model and the white w/ red rails one is the 2007 model. As you can see in the picture, the 2007 has the same fin placement as the thruster setup for the current modl. so all i would have to do is get the measurements for the fin placement of the two back fins for the quad setup for the current model.

What do you guys think? let me know…

This is how I’d do the math if it were me:

Tools, jig, plugs, misc supplies, two more fins … maybe, 100 bucks?

Professional fix for f**king up new board … maybe, 100 bucks?

Is that a local board manufacturer, maybe they will add the add’l boxes for good price

Depends - on how crappy the glass job is? If I were you I would buy a locally made board from one of those “cottage industry-style operations”** or (failing that) a decent used board before you do that. Unless of course you want your local cottage industry shapers to go the way of the buggy whip maker…

** from 7s web page: “GSI was founded in June 2002. In September 2002, GSI entered into a joint-venture agreement with Cobra International.
After decades of cottage industry-style operations, the time for a
better way of supplying surfboards to the international surfing market
had well and truly arrived. Today, GSI has a portfolio of 11 brands.”

ps… according to another web page “review” it comes with “an innovative step desk design”

"so my question is, how hard would it be to add two fin boxes to a finished board? is it an easy modification? "

Yes, it’s an easy modification. With the proper tools it’s not hard at all…

Listen to Bud and Keith…In California that 2007 import model is worth about $300…maybe less…(Costco)… I see you are in Northern Va… Rachel McCarty is in Annandale ,Va. Rachel builds some nice boards…Maybe she can help you out…

Lots of people on the east coast are buying supplies from Greenlight. Maybe you can contact them and find a shaper close to you…or make your own fish.


Drop a couple of proboxes or fcs plugs in there, brother… no problem… as long as you nail the location correctly. Come on… we’re backyarders! No rules apply!

Mask around the area where you’re gonna put in the boxes, sand it down to the weave, and lay down two patches for reinforcement. When it’s kicked, lay down a hotcoat over that. Install the boxes/plugs and grind them down as usual. Fair out the edges where you masked, and finish sand.

Hey Novasurfer316,

Dropping extra boxes in a finished board is fairly easy. Locate your positions, tape off the area, route, install with resin, grind down tops of boxes until you hit the tape, then finish with lighter grit sandpaper until the boxes are flush with the bottom. I think ProBox-Larry did a thread on adding boxes to a thruster to give a quad option. Can’t find it though.

If you want to take a trip up to our shop I’ll do it for you no problem.