FIN ?: Best High-Performance Fin (Single; Longboard)

Greg- Do you live in florida? If so, I may be able to help you out.


Duh. Just realized that you do live in fla. I have a number of fins like you mentioned. I have the L-flex in 7.5 and 9", the rust flex in 8 and 9", a grenough 4A in 9" and some other asst. fins. If you would like to meet at the beach sometime(assuming we ever get some decent surf) I can bring a bunch and you can try them out. Let me know and I will send you my e-mail.

Later- John

john, yes i live in central fla;where even the ocean is a lake. well…it was better today!

yeah, there was a fun little bump today (as pathetic as that sounds). i’m in Tallahassee, so i’ve got an even shot between the gulf and the east coast. surfed Panama City yesterday and got some fun chop in the chest-high range. it actually lined up pretty nicely given the conditions…good walls to play on. spent today at the Jax Pier…good little longboard lines. hopefully, we’ll get an encore presentation next weekend.


I came by this old post of yours by searching on swaylock’s for Guy Takayama’s manta fin. In that post you were very keen on both the Manta and the Ocra fins.

I would appreciate your insights in comparing these fins by GT with the Wingnut Cutaway fin.

the board i most often ride is a 10’6’’ (x24.25 x 3.5") Bruce Jones "modern surfboard.‘’ (i went with such a large board because i often get laid up for months at a time and need alot of float in a board in order to get back into the lineup quickly). I have been using a 9.5’’ el-gato-style fin in it and have been very pleased with its overall response – relatively loose and very versatile.

a friend recently lent me a Wingnut Cutaway that i took into chest-high shore break and it was SUPER loose and responsive. i did have the impression, though, that, when riding on the outside, i’m losing something on my cutbacks.

If you have any recommendations on the Manta vs. the Ocra vs. the Wingnut Cutaway. I would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards,


I’ve tried a lot of fins.


On my meaty 9.0, I like a 9.75 Greenough 4A best. A 9.5 TK flex was also fun, for that whipback effect.

On my 8.0, nothing has worked as well as the 9" McCoy gull wing. Easy pivot turns up on the face, yet solid hold on bottom carves. I love this odd fin.

For whatever it’s worth.

the greenough 9.75 4a is the one…