Fin Box came out, orange sun cure

I just finished up glassing a new longboard. As I went to put the fin in the fin box, the box slipped and popped out of the board. Inside the cavity there is orange sticky residue where the sun cure I was using was. I was using a black fin box in a US blank with sun cure polyester resin. Anyone know why this happened?



If the sun can’t reach it, the sun can’t cure it.

I was building it with my friend who’s done the same thing before and it cured completely. Maybe I should add some MEKP. Any thoughts as to why it turned orange and what I should do to fix it?

Of cours Bill is right in regards to the suncure.

Maybe the last time your buddy did this either the resin was catalyzed and he didn’t know or maybe some of it never kicked and there is still some unkicked resin under the box but enough of the resin around the top kicked to hold a fin… Bottom line, even though you think it is the “same” as what you buddy did before, there are tons of variables that you might not be considering.

Regarding the orange resin… I’m guessing that it might be some of the pigment from the black plastic leaching into the resin.

Regarding how to fix what you got… I would put it in the sun and let it kick then reroute the hole SLOWLY and reset the box. I would be inclined to cap that box too.

Great thanks, that’s a good point. It seems to have hardened up so I’ll rerout it and try again. 

You can’t expect UV to cure if it is not exposed  to UV.  You have to use MEK on fin boxes, leash plugs, etc.

UV powder is Orange.  When UV resin is old, UV powder settles and becomes a thickened orange goo.  Lowel