fin box cant 2+1 Egg Takayama


I would appreciate your help to give me some advices about which cant is used in FCS II side fin boxes for Egg boards?

I’m plannig to shape a Egg board influenced by the 7’2" shaped by Takayama (the image is attached to the post). The dimmensions are 7’2" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4" and the fin system will be 2+1 (10 1/2 box in center, whit 2 FCS II side fin boxes).

My main question is about the side fin boxes, I will use the FCS II Carver Quad Rear Side Bytes, but want to know how much cant should use whit the fin boxes (3, 5 or 9 degree’s)? 



Tiago Laginha


…hello, the tilt depends on the type of bottom and or the riding style of the surfer, the biotype, the type of direction that you want with the side fins and type of movements (hot dogging surfing, down the line, short action turns, etc)

If you have a V there you will notice that the 5º will finish with lot of tilt, so if you use the 9º would be too much.

However, here is when the other variables mentioned bring out; I mean, if you need hyperventilation you ll want those extremelly canted angles (like in smaller versions or very flat rockers or super radical small surfer that needs to turn on a dime); in all the other cases do not.

When I shape V s in a quad I use the rears with 0º, in the sides as you have there, with a V better with 3º, but unfortunately the retarded in FCS only offered (is new) the 3º in the II system, but I glass ons plenty of boards.

If you do not have a V, think about what I mentioned before then proceed.

May be you are young, all things are not “just add water”; hope you read this with good sense, not trying to disrespect you; but to be a good shaper or board builder you need to go to the inside of the things not to wait for an asnwer like: “use a 5º” and just that.

For sidebites; 3 degree.

Hello @reverb,

Yes I thnik in my case the 3º is the best side plug, beacause I’ll have a V bottom.

No problem at all, I appreciate what you said. it’s true that just asking what the “right ingredient” is more complicated, because I need to do it and then figure out how it is best. As you said, I’m still young and it’s the first board I make of this type, so my question. Always learning!

Thanks for the tips. 

Hello @McDing,

Thanks for the tip!