fin box placement

Just shaped a 7’2" rounded pin to fill out my winter quiver. 13"x 21"x14". Wide point one inch in front of middle. Its going to be a single with a 10.5 inch box .Looked in the archives and most place their 10.5 inch boxes 5-6 inches from the tail. This sound about right? Any other input or ideas? Mike

You’ll end up with the front edge of the fin from 11.5 to 13 inches from the tail (probably around 12.25-12.5 inches). 4-5 inches might work better, let you put a 6 inch base fin from 10-11 inches to 14-15 inches.

On my 7’0 round pin I put fin box at 5" and it provides for alot of adjustability, just keep in mind the tail thickness when going 4-5" from tail for the box install…

have fun!

Thanks for the reply. Let you know how it comes out. Mike