fin construction?

i am a starting out shaper and wanted to make my boards complete with fins that i made myself. ex, shaping something like a 9.75- 10 wooden single fin for my 9’3". does anyone know of any good links or have any advice that can help me in making my own fins? like a how to?


Unfortunately this sort of question is usually met with try a search first and you will find the answer.

However, I am feeling charitable today and i have done the legwork for you !

Checkout the following fine link on this wonderful forum no less…


Surfer, 35

and as we’ve currently lost the pics I’ll add them as well coz a picture speaks a 1000 words.

lets see if this works

ok looks like they are coming up now but in revers order?

sorry I can’t get all the pics up in the right order so you will have to work that out yourself.

Those are some siiick looking fins. I made a set of keels for my twin fish, just to see how it went with bigger keels. I liked how they surfed a lot, but unfortunately I didn’t do the laminating quite right between wood and glass (i made a glass panel and then lammed the wood on, then more glass over top) and the wood formed a bit of a delam with the glass. Then one day I got an NSP minimal to the fin and it popped the wood right out, left me with glass shell. I’d like to try again tho, when I’ve got the time. Good luck making 'em!

surfer35 - my bookmarks no longer work (addresses changed w/ the update), and i couldnt find that thread, thanks for locating it.

Gotta go make me some fins!

If I am glassing my hws with epoxy but I made my fins. should I use poly on the fins? also should I glass them onto the board using poly or epoxy?

thanks and great looking fins.

You can glass the fin with poly or epoxy, but when you come to glassing it on to the board use only epoxy.

Expoxy will stick to poly, (rough it up with 60 grit for a better bond) but poly only really likes to stick to poly