Fin Design

I have an idea for a fin design that i’d like to try.

I’ve never built one before. Can anyone offer suggestions as to where I should start?

best is to start with more details

ok. i have an old surfboards hawaii model a that i’ll be afixing my trial fin to. i’ll have to put in a new fin box - so i need to know how to replace the existing one. i’d like to be able to swap my test fins in and out. once i finalize the design i think i’d like to glass on the fin - can i do that? have a removable fin system and then glass the fin on afterwards?

i’d like to know what materials i will need to build a removable fin. i was thinking of using wood and fiberglass. what tools will i need?

i know what i’d like the leading edge to look like and i have an idea of the approximate height of the fin, what other things should i consider? how does rake affect performance?

are there any books on the subject that anyone would recommend?

Hey RMD,

Hit the archives here and do the some research. The answers to all your questions are there.

Gone Surfin’, Rich