Fin Flex

Hey guys…How do you make a fibreglass fin flex one way? Of course we already have an advanced fin with a flow form you havent seen yet and it has torsional flex in one direction. (cant say to much yet guys) The board you guys have been looking at(FP at the site)is 7 intergrated shapes our 26F advanced board has 22 subsections.

flex bias fins yep got em in my board and about the last 6 or 700 ive built for customers, you want your side fins to stand up and not flex when you loading them and need hold…but the other side gets in the way if it doesnt flex enough especially if you splay them to one time i was toying with the idea of a fin that retracted so it wasnt a nuisance when you didnt need it …but a flex bias fin was as close as i got …the idea came when i saw a bimetal strip in a thermostat.just a matter of combining something stretchy on one side and not the other .something that has good compression resistance on one side and not the other … regards BERT