Fin for 60s Tamarack Board

Hi, I got an really nice old Tamarack Board which needs a fin replacement, but all I could find about them was this post here

Maybe someone knows them and were to get a fitting fin? The fin box is relatively special. If not, maybe replacing the whole box is an option. Quick & dirty would be just to press a new fin in and fill everything with epoxy but I would prefer a less destructive option if possible :slight_smile:

More like an early 70s board. That is a really odd fin system. While similar to Guidance, Simplex, and even the late version Waveset it is none of them. In fact, I have never seen that type of box before. I would feel confident in saying that you will never find a replacement fin for it. I assume there is no markings in the box so it’s essentially a “no name” thing.
The fin base does not look really complicated and I would try to make a solid glass fin to fit. Second option would be to just take a router to the box and install a new one. The board has little to no collector value so doing a modification won’t be a crime.

Also, post a photo of the whole board, and measure the length while you’re at it.

Who tha Heck??? Sorry…had to.

Seriously, good advise above. If the box is similar in cut out size to a modern box I would think nothing of routing it out. You might be able to do it so that nobody ever knows it once had a different fin system.

What is the length and width of the current box?

can you show more pics of the fin in the picture, along with a description of whats wrong with it? The original fin, or at least the base / tabs might be salvageable.

Bill T will probably recognize this fin system.

I do recognize that fin box,(having seen it before) but for the life of me cannot remember the name of it. It was short lived, in any event. Circa 1969/70. As I recall, it was longer than the FU box.

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