Fin for 8’6” Chocolate Fish Billy

I’ve got a Liddle wide base 9.5”, any other ideas for a fin for this mild v-bottom? Anyone else with this board? I usually ride surf mats & hulls.

Its gonna boil down to personal preference, but that sounds like a bit too much fin to me.

I would want something 9" or under, with a narrow base.  I have a favorite fin for a comparable board, I’ll dig up a pic and post it for you.

But like I say, you’re probably gonna want to try some different fins and see what works best for you.

Here’s the fin I like on this board, it’s a 9 ’ board, I think the fin is 9", by True Ames.

It’s a hull and the fin position is way far forward compared to most singlefins, right?  The board is foiled and rockered to ride from the forward trim position, not off the tail.    TO ME that speaks to an upright 70s rake, and to be honest even a “wide base” Liddle fin isn’t that wide at the base.   You could try a standard Liddle template to loosen it up a bit but in the end those boards were designed to be surfed with that template and vice-versa.  



Wait - the board’s a hull? So why ask what fin, when he just said he usually rides hulls??? I thought it was just an 8-6 with mild v-bottom. I’m confused…

Ok, this is what my google search turned up…

Thanks for the input! 

Yep, that’s shape! A lot like the one I bought, but a little shorter, mine has a gloss & polish finish and a little more weight too. My avatar picture is my 7’6” Liddle Designs hull, Death Machine model, really a fantastic board in the right conditions; the 9.5” flex fin was recommended to start with by Kirk Putnam, I’ve since switched to a narrow base. I have a couple of smaller hulls too.

With the used Billy purchase, I wanted something with a wider tail and that I can surf more easily in slower summer waves & amongst full sized logs. 


For that shape I would probably start off with something like this…

I’d go with a 9”, either a Greenough 4A, or a Skip Frye.

Have a 7’8” v bottom by Paul gross with 16” tail. I use a 9.75 greenough 4a I would also consider a 9.5 PhD fin…


My bad - I was looking at the avatar.