fin for a small hull (my #5)

I have just finished my 5th board and love it. I love the way it paddles, love how it floats me. I’m just looking to get a little more drive out of it. The board is 6’x21x2 1/2. There is v in it from about 2’ back from the nose and it is most pronounced just in front of the fin and tapers off towards the tail. I took it out today with a 8" 4A and it rode well, just didn’t have as much drive as I would have expected. I’ve used this fin in many different boards and it usually gives me enough drive. I’ve tried it in a 6’ diamond tail that I set up for both a quad and a single, great. I’ve used it in a 6"8" hull and it is the perfect fin for it.



This board goes well with it, but thinking there might be something else that would be better. I love trying new fins and such, but they are expensive! So I am asking for a little input. Thanks.


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Going to try out the 9" 4A that I have today.

I’ve only had one session on it as of yet, so there is a learning curve with the board. So I haven’t move d the fin around yet. I was basically just seeing what others recomend on this type of board. I was actually thinking of using the 9" 4A and pushing it up to the front of the box. Every time I’ve used the 9" 4A it has been really drivy but turning is a bear. I am going to try out the 8.5" frye that I have today and see how that goes. I like the idea of the first fin on this thred, so I’ll look into that.


8 inch

some side fins ???

That thing is cool! I would love to see a foil pic if you had it!


I like this fin a lot for my 6-7’ boards:


It is 6.75" deep, but it is a really big fin in area. 

I tried the 7.75" version and it is really too big for the boards I got it for.  It would it would work well on a bigger board like a 9 or so foot  longboard.

4a has alot of base, and should have lots of drive I would think. Maybe its the board, maybe not. Are you moving the fin arould in the box? that makes a big difference good luck

The fin on the left is a 9" Nail designed by Paul Gross, available through Fibre Glas Fin Co. and finer surf shop establishments everywhere.  If you can’t find one, get in touch.  I know a guy who knows a guy…

What is the one on the right called ?

Big Red.

I just got back from my second session on this board and found that the 8.5" flex Frye works better. I am still having trouble making sections at the beach break I was at, but that may be due to more time on the board. Not sure. I know that single fins don’t give you as much projection as a multi fin board does, so I will continue to search for the perfect fin. Right now though, the Frye is the call. 

The 9" 4A is now the fin for the job. I think it gives me the right amount of drive and squirt. I thought I read somewhere that a wider tail board would need less fin size instead of bigger. Maybe its because I’m 5’11" 210???