fin for noseriding?

I’m debating between a wingnut cutaway or a Doyle design center fin or any thing recommended for a 9’8" harbour sanO. Thanks.

Wingnut Big Daddy. Best choice you’ll ever make for noseriding. Trust me.

pocket-I like the 10" “Sparky” from Fibre Glas Fin Co. Similar to the Wingnut, but not as much base.Still noserides great,but isn’t to tight.TEDK.

where can i get one?

Depends on where you are. I would think any longboard shop could help you out.Fibre Glas Fin Co. is a big fin manufacturer.A shaper out of my factory sells them, so I get them from him.Just ask around.Good luck.TedK.

I use the big daddy also and it works good ,but I also foung that the el gato worked alittle better for me.

I use the below mentioned fin from Island Fin design on a 9’0" retro style noserider. Its basically a Bing Noserider template (I use the 9"). It holds the tail in on noserides and still turns quite well.

Hey Pocket, This is the best one I’ve been able to come up with – Sized for the board of course. Foamdust’s suggestion has been around for a long while and works well. It lacks drive because of its vertical attitude. There are many many approaches to the longboard fin. The conditions you surf in and you ability as a rider should play a large role in what you select. Mahalo, Rich

wingnut big daddy is at Surfride in Oceanside or Solana Beach. They are actually all over the place. Also, try one of Donald’s fins (Takayama). They noseride well, but turn differently. They aren’t as smooth, but they do help set up the noseride quickly.

fins unlimited is finally online and has the tudor fin series… http://

ive got that same fu tudor fin, its attatched to a 9-6 joel tudor classic, "kinda like a model-T ",that fin nose rides well and turns like a dream, but ive tried the bing template 11 1/4 inch fin and i kinda like it better for all out nose riding,but it isnt as loose,i have a model T pivot and that one is very good also, another fin that nose rides outstanding is the turbo-tunnel, it just simply works,it turns bad, and makes it harder to catch waves because of the added drag, but when your up and trimming it is sooo stable and adds alot of downward tail pressure allowing you to stay on the front of the nose longer, and in parts of the wave you would think were un-noseridable, even in choppy waves, man it looks stupid on a board , but it noserides the best,